Tuesday, November 24, 2020
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Global eCommerce 2009
Instructor-Led, Online Virtual Training Program

Content of the Webinars

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Global eCommerce is an instructor-led, on-line desktop-to-desktop webinar series. These seminars include eleven courses:


Performing An Internal Readiness Audit
Using Online Resources
Strategic Marketing and Selling


course 2: CONTRACTS

Documentation & Preparation
Online Negotiation & Closing


course 3: SHIPPING

Customs & Delivery
Internet Tools


course 4: BANKING

Letters of Credit & Online Procedures
Online Financing & Credit



Classes are available every Wednesday, 1:00pm PST, 4:00pm EST or upon appointment.

To receive more information and schedule a Global eCommerce on-line training session, please call us at 831-335-4780


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