Saturday, November 28, 2020
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2002 Russian Telecommunications Delegation


Practical Aspects of Running a Small to Medium. Size Telecomm Company [PowerPoint File]
by Marcelo Siero

Russian Telecommunications Delegation [PowerPoint File]
by The Monterey Institute of International Studies

Jeff Procak, MBITA Consultant and former Russian Country Officer for the World Bank presents MBITA's vision for Russia's economic development to the Telecommunications and Telephony delegation.

Data Security Opportunities and Challenges [PowerPoint File]
by Matthew S. Hamrick

Intellectual Property (Russian Version) [PowerPoint File]
by Patrick Reilly

Intellectual Property (English Version) [PowerPoint File]
by Patrick Reilly

Starfish Software, Inc. [PowerPoint File]
by Bob Koche

Patrick Reilly, MBITA member, presents American standards for intellectual property to the Telecommunications delegation


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